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Health Policies

How We Are Dealing With COVID-19

  • If you are feeling sick or symptomatic, please stay home and contact your health provider

  • ALL person on site must wear  face masks at all times

  • All persons entering the building must use hand sanitizer from one of our hand sanitizing stations throughout the store

  • No more than 25 customers in the building at any time

  • All frequently touched surfaces and items will be sanitized by staff regularly throughout the day

  • Pleases stand no closer than 6ft from any person while on site

  • Feel free to use one of our bathrooms to wash hands in sink while shopping​

  • Shopping by appointment can be arranged, Give us a call or shoot us an email (in store only, not estate sales)

We all at Stephen's understand people's concerns as it relates to COVID-19 and their personal health. We hope these proactive steps will set most of you, our customers and friends, at greater ease. We are doing all that we can to accommodate and to ensure the safety and well being of our customers, staff, friends and families

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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