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Here Is How It Works

Email Us
Please Include:
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Any Images You May Be Interested in Discussing

  • Attach images of the items you are interested in consigning

  • Any helpful information on the item is appreciated (Brand, Condition, Purchase Amount, Desired Sale Price)

  • Send us your contact phone number

  • We will be in touch to let you know if it seems to be something we can handle

  • Consignments are sold at a 50/50 split!

  • We will provide net pricing that YOU WILL receive when your item sells

  • Before we price any item we will reach out for your approval 

  • Then it's off to the races and you will receive a check in the mail when it sells! 

  • Checks are cut the beginning of each month

We appreciate it! 

We couldn't do what we do without our consignors!

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