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It was Stephen Etre’s passion for buying and selling antiques that supported him through college and put him on the life long path of the art and antique business.  His appreciation for the history of various objects and his love of art is evident in all he does.  He takes great pleasure in creating a fun shopping experience sure to delight every customer. 

        Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery started as Streck’s Antiques and Auction Service auction house conducting bi-weekly auctions in what is now called the Santa Fe Railyard District.  Stephen joined the Streck family business in 1984 coming on as the Business Manager.  By 1987 Stephen bought out his partners, moved the business to its current location at 2701 Cerrillos Rd and changed the business name to Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery.  Glen Smith joined the company in 1987 and became Stephen’s business partner in 1990.

         Stephen's A Consignment Gallery is 12,000 square feet, with nearly  6,000 diverse items in inventory at any time.  Thirty years later, Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery, is the oldest and largest furniture, art, and antique consignment gallery in Santa Fe. Stephen’s inventory offers something for every taste and style preference. Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery has an extraordinary selection of quality, previously owned furniture, accessories, home décor, art, antiques and fine jewelry.  Stephen’s collection is continuously changing offering countless choices to customers.

         As customers' needs have changed so have the services.  Stephen's provides comprehensive services that can be tailored according to what customers need.  Such as personal property appraisals, valuation of fine antiques, liquidation services, on-site estate sales, auctions and purchasing.                Many of Stephen’s employees have been with him for years, giving the customer a friendly knowledgeable staff with whom they can feel comfortable with. Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery prides itself have having excellent customer service and attention to detail.

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"Growing up around art and antiques can be very impactful. I have always had an appreciation for well crafted and designed items. Art and antiques are a crucial part of my life and I love seeking them out and helping others find an appreciation for them!"

-Domenic Etre

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