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Stephen's Annual Fall Sale

Saturday, 10.15.22  9am-6pm
Sunday 10.14.22  12 noon-6pm
CLOSED Friday, 10.14 for Prep

2701 Cerrillos Rd
Parking Across the
street behind
Real Burger

   GET 30% OFF almost EVERYTHING  

Discounts up to 60% off

Certain Specialty items 10%-20%

Tons of new inventory just in the last two weeks!  

So many new and exciting items have been flooding our shop. Don't miss this  opportunity to get outrageous deals on that piece you have been looking at but just haven't quite gotten to yet - or the piece you never knew you "needed!"


Our Neighbors will be Here too!

One of our favorite neighborhood spots, Yamas Greek Rotisserie,
will be sampling delicious treats 


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